What I Read This Week – Week 30

I was having trouble focusing this week.  I was also out of town for a bit.  I started a lot of books, but didn’t finish many.  Here’s the list…  And yes, I do realize that I made it to 4 books again.


The Comfort of Lies by Randy Susan Meyers – I borrowed this as an actual paper book from the Boston Public Library.  I even put a hold on it so that they would send it to my preferred library in East Boston.  It was recommended as a book club read.  I thought it was okay.  Basically, a man has an affair and the story centers around the girlfriend, the wife and the woman who adopts the child that resulted from the affair.  I liked it, but nothing really happened.  It gets an extra point for being set in Boston, so 3 stars.


The Chaperone by Laura Moriarty – I borrowed this as an audio book from the Norwood Library.  (Though it very well could have been from the BPL.)  This was a good book, but it sort of dragged on.  In this one, a married woman from Kansas takes a job as a chaperone for a young girl traveling to New York to take dance lessons.  The main character had been sent west as a child on an orphan train (yes another orphan train) and took the job mostly as an excuse to try to find out more about her origins.  She ends up learning as much in New York as her young charge.  I’m not going to give away the plot.  If you like historical fiction set in the period between the world wars, this is for you.  I’m going to generously rate this as 4 stars.


Lydia Cassatt Reading the Morning Paper by Harriet Scott Chessman – I borrowed this as an audiobook from the Norwood Library.  This was super short, but not short enough not to notice that it was sort of bad.  The author was the narrator and she sounded like she had marbles in her mouth.  I did an internet search on the author and she seems to be American, but she has the weirdest accent I have ever heard.  It was extremely distracting.  I normally love these types of novels.  It was really short and the story itself is pretty interesting.  I feel compelled to find out more about Mary Cassatt. Maybe read this as a book or ebook and not an audiobook.  Otherwise I might skip it.  I’m giving it 2 stars.

Fanny Hill by John Cleland – I downloaded this to my kindle for free because it’s out of copyright.  It was first published in 1748.  It was mentioned in one of the Jasper Fforde Thursday Next novels.  I believe it was described as porn rather than novel.  It’s porn, Georgian era porn.  A novel includes a story.  This was just a bunch of sex scenes strung together.  I was sick of having this half finished on my kindle, so I turned on the text to speech and listened to Georgian porn coming from my car speakers on my way home from a mini-vacation in NY.  The text to speech voice on the kindle is totally awesome.  It sounds like a robot.  So a robot reading Georgian porn in the car…..  Try it.  You will probably laugh hysterically.  You may feel a bit naughty listening to porn in the car while you’re driving.  Georgian Robot Porn. Apparently that’s a thing…..  Or maybe not.  I did tag the title so that you can try it out if you’d like.  This is only getting 2 stars because I managed to amuse myself.  It was really quite awful.

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