Week 5 – 2015

I’m nearly caught up! I’m still pretty far behind on my Goodreads goal, so I’ve got that to look forward to.


All My Love, Detrick by Roberta Kagan – I downloaded this for free after seeing it in an e-mail I received from BookBub. This is the story of an Aryan boy who befriends a Jewish man who owns a bicycle shop. Eventually, he meets the daughter and falls madly in love. When their lives are threatened, he must do whatever he can to keep his love and her father safe in Nazi Germany. Of course, this type of book tends to be pretty sad. You’ll have to read it to find out how it all turns out. I’m giving this 4 stars.


Winter of the World by Ken Follett – I borrowed this as an actual book from the Boston Public Library. This is The Century Trilogy #2. This book is wicked long. I waited a long time to even attempt it. My aunt was raving about the third book, which lead me to get my act together and get caught up so that I can read the third. This is a really long book. Have I mentioned that? The story of the families continues into World War II. I cannot even begin to explain how awesome this book is. You’ll have to read it. Start with the other book first. That one was quite awesome as well. This is getting 5 stars.


Dear Daughter by Elizabeth Little – I borrowed this as an e-book from the BPL. This book was quite awesome. A teen socialite is accused and convicted of killing her mother. Ten years later, her case is thrown out because of a mishandling of evidence and she is set free. Based on a partially overheard conversation, she decides to embark on her own investigation into what really happened that night. Of course, not everyone thinks she is innocent, so she needs to dodge the Internet blogger that is trying to hunt her down as well as the paparazzi. This was an unusual mystery, told in an unusual way. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m giving it 4 stars.

And that’s it. Winter of the World slowed me down a bit.

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