Week 26 – 2015


Ask For It by Sylvia Day – I borrowed this as an e-book from the Boston Public Library. It is Georgian #1. This is historical romance. This is very good. The story is great and the sex scenes are really well written. I really like this author. I am giving this 4 stars.


It Worked for Me by Colin Powell – I borrowed this as an e-book from the BPL. This was part of the push to read management books. It is mostly about leadership. Both how to lead others and how to be a leader. I don’t know if that makes sense. He talks about what it takes to lead and when you should let it go. Some people are never going to make it to the top. Others will excel in ways you would never expect. I really liked this. I have always admired Colin Powell and I found this really interesting. I do not believe that it was mentioned in any of the other books I read in this stream. I think I added it randomly based on a library suggestion. He does not go into politics. I would recommend this to anyone, especially if you are interested in getting ahead in work and in life in general, because this guy is an excellent role model. I’m giving it 4 stars.


Passion for the Game by Sylvia Day – I borrowed this as an e-book from the BPL. This is Georgian #2. These books are similar, but they follow a different set of characters. It’s historical romance (aka porn set in the past), but the stories are compelling and the books are really well written. This is basically pirate meets prostitute (sort of) and then they have a lot of sex and conquer the world. It doesn’t sound that intriguing in my synopsis, which is why I generally don’t do a summary for this type of book. Just read it. I’m giving it 4 stars.


A Passion for Him by Sylvia Day – I borrowed this as an e-book from the BPL. This is Georgian #3. This follows the minor characters from the last novel. This is fairly suspenseful. It is centered around the younger sister from the previous book and it gives details of her childhood and her relationships with the people in her life. Then she falls in love and then sex. Do you see the theme yet? I promise I have these nearly out of my system. This one is getting 3 stars.


Don’t Tempt Me by Sylvia Day – I borrowed this as an e-book from the BPL. This is Georgian #4. This is the story of Simon, the bestie from book #2. This is hard to describe without sounding totally crazy. Basically, there are spies and kidnapping. And sex. Because this is a historical romance. It was good, and well written. The story is compelling. I enjoyed it. But I think I may be over these. Actually, I’m giving this one 4 stars. And there is definitely a nude lady on the end of that walking stick.

So this week it’s porn, Powell, porn, porn, porn. And this is where we build a bridge and get over it. On to the next thing.

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