Week 44 – 2015

Here it is…. Week 44. Were you expecting something else? But we are starting with a good one.


The Passenger by Lisa Lutz – I received this as an e-book from the publisher via NetGalley. I think that this book surprised me mostly because her other books are SO different. Normally, she writes comedic detective stories. This is a psychological thriller. I did not anticipate the direction in which this would flow. I also did not foresee the ending. I really enjoyed this and I would recommend it to anyone that enjoys a good mystery. I’m giving it 4 stars.


Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson – I borrowed this as an e-book from the BPL. This book is ridiculously funny. I was actually reading this, waiting for a book signing to start and the woman next to me asked what I was reading. She had to know what it was since I could not stop laughing. This book was so fucking funny. Which is a little weird, because it’s mostly about battling depression and anxiety. I loved her first book and I loved this. I’m giving it 5 stars

Gregory Maguire signing his new book. Excellent performance.

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And then this happened….  I love getting books signed by my favorite authors. I am now the proud owner of a signed copy of After Alice by Gregory Maguire. He brought a flautist. I thoroughly enjoyed it.


What If? by Randall Munroe – I borrowed this as an audiobook from the BPL. It was read by Wil Wheaton. The dude from Star Trek and The Big Bang Theory. It was interesting. Probably the best part is when he insults people who ask truly dumb theoretical questions. I’m giving this 2 stars.


After You by Jojo Moyes – I borrowed this as an e-book from the BPL. This is the sequel to Me Before You. I devoured this. Obviously if you have not read Me Before You, you need to stop reading this review. In fact, you need to promptly dislodge your from beneath the rock where you have been hiding for what appears to be a very long time and go get that book. It’s been out for so long that it’s probably actually on the shelves at the library (i.e. the wait list is so over). Anyway… this book is about what happens to the characters a year after the tragedy. Again, you NEED to read the other book first. This was unexpected right from the beginning, so I’m not going to spoil it. I’m just going to give it 4 stars.

And there it is. Week 44.

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