Week 26 – 2016

I have a few free minutes, so I’m going to be good and post one of these entries that I should have posted a long time ago. And by post, I mean sit down, write, and then publish. Week 26 covers June 26 to July 3. This is going to be really fast. As always, feedback is encouraged.


Reader, I Married Him edited by Tracy Chevalier – I borrowed this as an e-book from the Boston Public Library. This was an interesting concept. The title refers to the last sentence of Jane Eyre and is a collection of stories inspired by the novel. As a huge Jane Eyre fan, this really appealed to me. Most of the authors included in the work are people I was already familiar with. It’s not just on famous person as an anchor for lesser known authors, which does sometimes happen with these types of books. I really enjoyed it and I’m giving it 4 stars.


Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Page – I borrowed this as an e-book from the BPL. This is Dorothy Must Die #1. This is a modern installment of the Oz stories. Amy gets blown to Oz via tornado from a trailer park in Kansas. The people of Oz promptly enlist her help to overthrow the evil overlord Dorothy who is keeping the rightful ruler of Oz (Ozma in case you didn’t read the original book series) under a spell of some sort. I like it. I’m giving it 4 stars.


The Pursuit by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg – I borrowed this as an e-book from the BPL as well. This is Fox and O’Hare #5. I thoroughly enjoy this series. In this one, Nick has been kidnapped by some baddies and Kate has to get him back. Obviously. I can’t explain how much I like this series. The characters are fantastic. I totally recommend the entire series. This is also getting 4 stars.

That’s it. If it keeps raining, you’ll be getting more of these this week, but that means I’m not going to be exercising during my lunch, so I’m not wishing for it myself. As always, I appreciate any feedback you may be willing to provide.

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