Week 17 – 2017

Greetings from Boston! It’s been raining here, so everything in my apartment is damp. Fun, right? But it’s almost technically summer, so that’s good news. I’m going to pitch into this head first. Week 17 covers April 24 – 30. As always, feedback is encouraged.

Who Killed Zebedee? by Wilkie Collins – I borrowed this as an audiobook from the Boston Public Library. I’ve always meant to read some of this guy’s books. He is supposedly the forefather of the modern crime mystery. This was really short and actually quite good. It is told from the POV of the detective investigating the mystery. The detective tells the story of the murder and the investigation, ultimately leading up to the reason that the murder was never “solved.” Again, this is really short, so definitely worth the time investment. I’m giving it 3 stars.

Heartless by Gail Carriger – I borrowed this as an e-book from the BPL. This is Parasol Protectorate #4. I love these. Have I mentioned that a few times. In this one, Alexia is hugely pregnant and she is trying to stop a plot to assassinate the queen. Unfortunately, she is working with second hand information originating from an unreliable witness, a ghost that is about the poltergeist. Anything else I want to say right now is a huge spoiler. I’m giving it 4 stars.

Horrorstör by Grady Hendrix – I borrowed this as an e-book from the BPL. This book is so incredibly weird. In an Ikea knock-off, weird things are happening and the store is basically trashed every morning when the employees arrive. So one of the managers enlists the help of some of the workers to stay overnight and find out what is happening. And then they all die. Just kidding. But some weird ass shit definitely goes down. I’m giving it 2 stars. I think it’s just not my thing.

Timeless by Gail Carriger – I borrowed this as an e-book from the BPL. It is Parasol Protectorate #5. This is the last one, but there is a spin-off that follows the daughter, so all is not totally lost. In this one, Alexia and her daughter are summoned to Alexandria but the oldest vampire queen. And how do you not answer that summons? So obviously the entire crew trots off to Egypt. Also, the toddler runs completely amok and is only neutralized by her mother. But that’s just the first chapter. You’ll have to read this to find out the whole story and why they were summoned in the first place. I’m giving it 4 stars.

And that is it for Week 17. Let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions as to what I should read next. I’m sad to be done with the Parasol Protectorate series, but I couldn’t help devouring them at the same time. Let me know if you know of any others that are similar or just as engaging.

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