Week 41 – 2017

Sorry for not posting for a while. This is possibly the craziest month ever. This is the only weekend, for example, that I am actually in my apartment on my own for some of the time. I’m going to bounce right in. As always, thank you for your feedback in advance.

Week 41 covers October 9 – 15.

Neuromancer by William Gibson – I borrowed this from the Boston Public Library as an e-book. This is Sprawl #1. I’m not sure how I feel about this one. It was interesting. It’s sort of matrix-y. Considering the fact that this came out in 1984, it is incredibly advanced and impressive. I think it still translates to the current state of technology. A cyber thief is tasked with stealing things from the big bad corporation. I liked it. I thought it was interesting. I’m giving it 3 stars.



City of Lies by Victoria Thompson – I received this as an e-book from the publisher via NetGalley. This is Counterfeit Lady #1. I thought this was surprisingly good. I just expected a fun mystery type read, but this was really a well written historical fiction novel. Elizabeth is a grifter, running a con with her partner in crime and the target is a vicious and dangerous man. When they make off with his money, he beats her partner and Elizabeth hides among a suffragist protest and ends up getting herself (and an entire crowd of women) arrested and shipped off to prison. And that’s just where the fun begins. I was really impressed with this. The cover made it seem sort of YA and not that serious. It was actually quite awesome and the author did a great job with the research. I’m giving it 4 stars.

 The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón – I borrowed this as an actual book from the BPL. It is Cemetery of Forgotten Books #1. This was a book club pick. I thought this was great. It’s a book about books, which I love. And a translation, which also gets extra props from me. This is hard to explain. A young boy is taken to a book suppository which is the home of forgotten books and told to pick one and take care of it. Once he reads the book, he wants to find others and the author. Except someone is trying to find all of the books and destroy them. There are also people looking to find the author and destroy him as well. The book tells the story of the author and the young boy in a concurrent manner. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m giving it 4 stars.

And that is it for Week 41. Let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions as to what I should read next.


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